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The Power of Good Advice.

Experienced in giving good practical disability access advice and producing pragmatic access audits for more than twenty years throughout the UK

Comprehensive Access Audits

Taking your business to the next level

Access for all into all businesses is a requirement under the Equalty Act 2013 and previously the DDA 1996. The easiest way forward is to have a Disability Access Audit undertaken which should include all issues that prevent disabled people having equal access and practical solutions to overcome theses barriers. We have a good reputation gained from over 20 years experience with this work for businesses, small and large, local and national government departments, and  other national organisations.

Access Audits

Full written report covering all aspects of the business or organisation

Personal Access plans

Where an empoyee has a disability we can work with them to provide a personal access plan within the place of work that will allow them equal access

Personal Evacuation Plans

We can provide suitable personal evacuation plans for disabled people to comply with legislation. WE also have health and safety qualifications.


About Us


We were one of the original Access Audits from the beginning and started producing reports prior to the legislation coming into effect in the mid nineties when we carried our nearly 500 audits for one local authority.

Since then we have worked with many businesses and local authorities and have returned to some in order to update the reportstogether with practices and procedures. We pride ourselves on being fast in carrying our the surveys, prompt in completing reports, and practical in giving the lost cost effective solution every time. 

We always try to talk with all stakeholders including the management and disabled people who usually have the best input to give practical solutions that meet their needs


Our Client List

Royal Academy of Art                            Microsoft

NHS Trust Swansea – 2 major hospitals, 4 local hospitals with 25 clinics and centres

Liverpool Women's Hospital                         Aintree Hospital

 Companies House: Cardiff, London and Edinburgh 

Hyelms Residential Hotel, Hampstead, London

Welsh Development Agency – Swansea

Rococo Gardens, Painswick

St Edmunsbury Borough Council

Royal College of Surgeon  -  Antur Teifi

Monmouthshire County Council

 Caravan Club of Great Britain            -             Gwent Magistrates’ Courts

Warwickshire Magistrates Courts

Best Western Hotels in Swansea and Newquay

South Wales Magistrates’ Courts

Cleveland Magistrates’ Courts

London Clinic, Harley Street Clinic

Avon and Somerset  and South Yorkshire Magistrates’ Courts

Welsh Ambulance Service 

   Camping and Caravanning Club

Leicestershire Magistrates’ Courts - North Wales Magistrates’ Courts

Hounslow Magistrates’ Courts  -  Gower Villa Caravan Park

Cheshire Magistrates’ Courts -  Selected schools in Swansea

Wiltshire Magistrates’ Courts  -  Swansea Housing Association

The Royal College of Surgeons

Nottinghamshire, Gwent, North and South Wales Police Authorities

All buildings within March District Council

 Playhouse Theatre, Norwich  -  British Transport Police

St Brendan’s Sixth Form College, Bristol

Types of building audited include:

Libraries, Tourist Information Centres, Magistrates’ Courts, Public Toilets

Polling Stations, Primary and Comprehensive Schools,

Outdoor Activity Centres, Leisure Centres, Camp Sites

Castles , Museums, Mobile Libraries, Playbuses, Drama Centres,

Hotels, Guest Houses, Police Stations, Theatres


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